There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.  Colin Powell

Here is why you NEED a membership site, seriously.

Membership sites are by far and away my greatest source of steady, semi-automated sources of income. Every week, every month, every year continuous recurring payments from members. It never fails to impress and surprise me, but it has become the norm.

Learn from my experiences. I keep it simple, because it really is.

So many people believe that starting and running a successful membership site is so hard and beyond there scope. Stop that thought IMMEDIATELY.

Do you have a unique skill you would like to teach others?

I have a unique skill and once I realized it was wasted, a light flickered and I realized I had a knack for teaching it, and it PAYS big time.

Working for someone else will NEVER offer you the opportunity for unlimited advancement

The days of working for someone for 20-30 years and retiring are LONG GONE. Use your skills to secure economic security. Only YOU can do this.

Tell me if this sounds correct, ok?

You just bought another info product of little to no value, mostly recycled nonsense you can find online yourself? ALMOST immediately you are sent an email everyday from the author of said info product, and he has all these AMAZING, BREAKTHROUGH products you MUST have if you want to be a success, that sound about right? OF COURSE IT DOES

Well you just met the guy who is the polar opposite of the above scenario. I have nothing else to sell you, I won't email you EVER, literally. I just want to show you what I did and how you can do it. Simple folks, real simple.

Here is what you will NOT get from me

I am NOT offering a get rich quick scam. I am NOT offering another 27-47 dollar ebook with page after page of rehashed garbage that offers you very little. If you are looking for overnight success, then you are absolutely on the wrong website, sorry. I want to help you build something of value that will last year after year. Once the initial work is done then you can focus on nothing but traffic and collecting payments 🙂


This Is The Reason I Own Membership Sites!

If the below graphics are not enough to get your blood flowing and make you want to kick in your creative senses, then nothing will. Sooner or later you must stop dreaming and start doing. Are you a dreamer or a doer'? Only you can answer that question. Stop dreaming NOW


Here is what I am offering you to join me today.

Membership Benefits

  • My real life experience in building membership sites that actually make money
  • Instructional Videos covering all the steps I use to build membership sites
  • Member forums, ask questions, don't get hassled by the internet trolls (they suck)
  • Hands on help, just email me anytime. I will actually help you, seriously.
  • I won't send you a single email promoting some get rich scam you must buy
  • I make screencast instructional videos for one on one mentoring of members
  • A look inside a real 50k+ dollar a year membership site that costs me 49-59 dollars a month overhead
  • If you have the DRIVE, you can do this. If you need help, NEVER hesitate to ask me. I am here to help you in any way possible, seriously.
  • I am very personable, you will talk directly with me, not some support desk based in god knows where

If you can NOT duplicate what I did and make some money, with all due respect there is very little hope for your internet adventures. I am not saying that to be mean or guilt you into joining, believe me please. A shred of common sense, a little hard work over a short sustained period of time and yes, you can make 5-10-20-50k+ dollars a year with a single membership site. It's not some highly guarded secret folks, stop defeating yourself. Enough is Enough already! Take Care, Jim Woods

Are you ready to actually accomplish something? Are you done dreaming and wishing something will happen? How long are you going to sit there and hope something changes or hope you catch a break and get lucky?

NOTHING is going to happen while you sit there and day dream about what could have been, period. You either make a commitment to yourself to buckle down and get started or you drift off to another page that promises you gold and riches while you sleep, all for the low price of 47.00 dollars. Stop the madness already guys. I will either greet you in the members area, or I will wish you good luck!

Last but not least, if you are unhappy for any reason I will refund your money back to you INSTANTLY. I don't even want to know the reason why. If you are unhappy then I am unhappy, period!

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