Finding your niche

This particular subject can be tough. I can’t say there is any unknown niches at this point in time. With a few billion people in the world, chances are great that whatever you are thinking about has been thought about already, but this is not the end of the world by any means. My first advice would be to pursue what you are passionate about. Unless your passion has such a minuscule audience, I think taking taking your passion is the best move. First off, if you are passionate about something in my opinion you are more apt to work harder at it. Let’s use an example such as dog grooming. Yes, I am fully aware that the subject of dog grooming is probably VERY crowded, very competitive but this should not distract you if you are passionate about it and lastly if you are good at it.

The passion will shine, you will be able to carve out your audience. Just because the market for dog grooming is crowded should not deter you if you have a genuine love and passion for it. This love will flow to the top and your customers and potential customers will see this, trust me. Not everyone is looking for the cheapest crap available, sure there will be alot of people that offer cheaper services than you but just let your love for it speak for you and they will come.

When choosing a niche, I prefer a niche that will stand the test of time, something that is a cornerstone of human nature. Could you imagine if you chose to become the master of myspace? Poured your entire life and time into becoming a myspace master only to watch it evaporate literally overnight, poof GONE. Now you are the master of NONE.

How about gardening? What about car repair? What about home painting etc.. etc… I would consider these type of subjects a staple in human existence. I prefer to NOT chase the money, chasing the money is not a bad idea it’s just not my thing I like to do. Millions of people have become wildly rich by chasing the money and you can’t fault them but I am willing to bet when chasing hot topics and trends there is a fair amount of dumb luck involved and like I have said before, luck is not in my business plans for whatever I am currently working on. The easy way to compare this is to think of the stock market, do you invest in traditional long term blue chip stocks that return smaller amounts of money over a longer period of time or do you speculate on hot stocks and hope they pop and you can cash out? I prefer blue chip stocks that are solid decade after decade, but that’s just me.

If you are unsure where to start, how about stopping over at amazon and checking out there best sellers? Are you looking for a hot topic, a new trend? Since amazon is such a traffic powerhouse this is a very good place to research and see what people around the world are up to and buying.

Amazon best seller list

Amazon best seller list

In the end, the niche options are virtually endless but if you were to ask me for my advice, I would tell you first and foremost to follow your passion and more times than not, if you are good at what you do and have a love for what you do, the money WILL follow. Remember you want LONG TERM wealth, wealth that lasts and keeps accumulating.

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