Membership sites and long term wealth

I am a firm believer in building membership sites that offer 100% unique content that you make. The vast amount of free membership sites are loaded with nothing but recycled, freely downloaded junk that is completely useless. All these membership site operators want from you is your email address so they can bombard you with the latest get rich garbage they are peddling. DO NOT fall into this trap of building these type of sites. These will not offer you long term wealth building. All my membership sites happen to be paid sites, meaning I charge either a one time fee or a recurring monthly fee for membership.

My sole objective is to build quality membership sites that will stand the test of time and offer 100% unique content that I produce, this way I have the upper hand on the competition because let’s be honest there will be plenty of competition in whatever niche you are operating in. If you are offering the same crap that everyone else is, then your chance of success is marginal at best and I don’t rely on luck in my business plans. If I get lucky and stumble onto something great, but luck is not part of my building blocks to success and it shouldn’t be in your plans either.

Even as technology advances, membership sites will ALWAYS be around, they can’t be replaced by twitter, facebook or any other medium. You may think so but the truth is, humans like to be members of something, they like to be included. They like the thought of exclusivity, being in the elite if you will. Sure there are closed facebook groups but still, history will always repeat itself as it has shown. Currently the global population has grown closer together via facebook and all the other social media options, but as this allure wears off and it will as it always does, people will pull back and want there privacy back. This is where small membership sites will fill the need. Small communities while recently have grown very large, they will get back to being small, intricate communities with members who have much in common.

In closing, let me leave you with this. Here is one of my membership sites I built in 2012, it’s small and currently has roughly 400 members, this number varies every month as people come and go, but always hovers around 350-400. I produced all the content for it, which includes 270 videos I made and a members only forum. The premise of the site is to teach others my knowledge of building small block ford racing engines. I am one of a very few that offer this type of site. This is a rare example of a segment of the market that is not over loaded with competition. Sure there is youtube but it can not compare to what I built because I have over 20 years of building these engines and have built a reputation in the community as the guy who knows, so I have a clear advantage over some guy with his iphone in his garage telling others how to do something.

Let’s do some simple math ok, and remember what I say about unique content, it’s absolutely vital in terms of building long term wealth. Oh ya, the site costs me 49.95 a month for the server and roughly 9 dollars to serve the videos through amazon s3 and a little bit of my time to help my members. Not a bad days work at the office

350 members x 19.95 per month = You do the math 🙂

One of my membership sites

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